Directed by
Christopher Bickle
Produced by
Crystal Colligan

Morgan Shaley Renew

takes on the role of Val in her very first feature film endeavor “Bad Girls.” She entered the entertainment industry as a fashion model at the age of 16 and five years later began working on student films in Atlanta to expand her resume. She fell in love with the art of acting and has since been a part of several film projects shot throughout Columbia.

Shelby Guinn

Bad Girls is Shelby Guinn’s debut film. Aside from being cast as Carolyn, she runs a vintage thrift shop selling retro and handmade clothing. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Social Work at New York University.

Sanethia Dresch

Stars as Mitzi Ann Chandler. Bad Girls is Sanethia’s 8th feature film, where she plays the more level headed of the trio. Sanethia has been acting and modeling since the age of 19. Shortly after her debut in Cabin Fever she was signed to Wilhelmina Models in Hawaii. From there she has been featured in movies (Jurassic World), television, and music videos (Tulisa ft. Tyga-Live it Up).

Micah Peroulis

smashes his way into the film industry in Bad Girls, his feature debut. Peroulis has made a name for himself locally in a variety of modeling and voice acting gigs. He is working to further his career in the voice acting industry.

Jonathan Benton

is an actor and writer with a love of film geek culture. He has a handful of IMDB credits for roles between 2012 and 2019, with two Best Actor awards and one nomination for his work in the short film “Songbird” (2018).